Safely De-icing and Removing Snow from Your Roof

Dec 26, 2023

As winter takes hold, the accumulation of snow and the formation of ice on your roof can pose threats to both the integrity of your home and the safety of its inhabitants. Safely de-icing and removing snow from your roof is a crucial winter maintenance task. Below are some effective and safe methods to protect your roof.

 Safety Precautions

Personal Safety is Always First!

Before starting any snow removal, ensure you are properly dressed for the cold weather with insulated, non-slip footwear and warm clothing.

Use safety equipment, including gloves, goggles, and a safety harness if you need to access the roof.

Evaluate the Risk:

If you have concerns or doubts about the structural capacity or your roof due to the amount of ice and/or snow consult with professionals to evaluate the condition of your roof.

De-icing Methods

Avoid Salt and Chemicals

We suggest staying away from traditional rock salt or chemical de-icers on your roof since they can damage roofing materials and harm the environment.

Use Calcium Chloride or Ice Melt Products

If necessary, opt for calcium chloride or specially formulated ice melt products designed for roofs. Apply sparingly and be sure to only use the product according to product guidelines to prevent damage.

Tools for Safe Snow Removal

Snow Rakes

Use a roof rake with a non-abrasive surface, while standing on the ground gently pull snow from the roof. Start from the roof’s edge and work your way inward, avoiding sudden movements.

Plastic Shovels or Push Brooms

When removing snow from the roof itself, use plastic shovels or push brooms to avoid damaging shingles. Work methodically, pushing snow in a controlled manner, again use only while standing on the ground.

Don’t Allow Ice Dams to Build Up

Ice dams can form when snow melts and refreezes at the roof’s edge, prevent them by keeping gutters clear and removing snow promptly.

 Professional Assistance

If the snow or ice accumulation is significant, or if you are uncomfortable performing roof maintenance, always consult with professionals experienced in winter roof care.

Although our area may not see huge amounts of snow and ice during the winter, safely de-icing and removing snow from your roof is still a vital aspect of winter home maintenance.

Prioritize personal safety, choose appropriate tools, and employ cautious techniques to protect both you and your home. If you have any questions or you encounter any damage to the roof during the winter months, please feel free to give Roof Works a call – 540-786-4552.